The AMWand BlackTip

It is the World Famous pen-shaped energy healing/wellness tool that resonates at Zero Point Life Force Energy Field. When rotated clockwise above or pointed at various parts of our body, it can help in energy cleansing, dislodge energetic blockages, recharge and rejuvenate our body. The AMWand is also a great multi-purpose energy tool to ENERGIZE food, water, environment, and plants.

AMPendant Universe

The Titanium AMPendant Universe: Is an AFT Quantum Energy Pendant that resonates at Zero Point Field which helps us to protect our Bio-Field from harmful lifestyle and environmental stresses (Oxidative Stress).

Wearing the AMPendant Universe reorganizes distortions in our Bio-Energetic Fields caused by pollution and bad lifestyle habits. Acting like an antenna on a radio, the AMPendant Universe helps our body to source the Universal Life Force energy and channel it to the areas where it is most needed to cleanse, charge and rejuvenate.

Exclusively designed and manufactured using 14 monoatomic natural minerals, crystal and monatomic elements which include Gold, Silver, Diamond Dust that is encased in a titanium case, the AMPendant Universe is ENERGIZED with AMized Fusion Technology(AFT), a proprietary quantum resonance technology to resonate at Zero Point Energy Resonance.


The ONENESS Pendant Is designed and manufactured applying the principles of Quantum resonance, is filled with a combination of minerals and crystals, encased in a titanium pendant casing, and fitted with a special AFT microchip at the back. The AFT ONENESS Pendant is further ENERGIZED with AMized Fusion Technology(AFT) for 21 days in an AFT vacuum chamber. AMized Fusion Technology is a proprietary quantum resonance technology to resonate at Life Force resonance.

The AFT microchip made with ionized copper is embedded with a unique quantum resonance coding. It has a powerful conductive natural energy resonance activated from the body's heat and vibration. This alters EMF wave in the surrounding area to a safe wavelength for the body's cellular structure. The AFT microchip acts like an air or water filter, it filters the wave particles and allows it to interact with the EMFs, and transmutes the EMFs in the surrounding area as well as providing absorption of Life force energy.


It is a concentrated blend of high-quality type 1 Marine Collagen with Yeast Beta Glucan, Siberian Ginseng (also known as Eleuthero), and Pomegranate Concentrate. This unique and powerful formula packed using the best quality natural and clinically tested high-quality ingredients has properties like high energy boosts, immune support, age reversal, and anti-stress in addition to giving you the daily nutritional need.

IGEL111 - IMMUNITY is a liquid gel packed in a convenient 20 ml sachet allowing full and fast assimilation when consumed. It is further ENERGIZED by our Unique Quantum Resonance Technology: AMized Fusion Technology (AFT), to increase the potency and efficacy of the ingredients and to enhance energetic wellness.


It is an Active healing massage tool that is made of 100% copper which is filled with healing crystals. In making AMCONE, the copper and the crystals are then energized with the AMized Fusion Quantum resonance technology (AFT)TM. The technology ensures deep energy cleansing, balancing, and healing occurs in the body. It acts as an excellent easy to use massage tool for both hot and cold therapy for self-therapy or professional use.

AMGenex FiberGo

FiberGo is a natural, high-quality nutritional fiber mix supplement made of a mix of natural, soluble and insoluble fiber and various nutritious fruits and vegetables. FiberGo is the best solution to make up for the fiber deficiency in our diets. Energized with AMized Fusion Technology for greater efficacy and effectiveness, FiberGo is the ultimate detoxification system that effectively rids your body of accumulated toxins to allow effective digestion and keeps you Energized all the time.

FiberGo is made from a unique species of Palm shoots mixed with other special ingredients, which can help to prevent weight gain because it creates a fullness within your intestines that help you to eat less, and also supports in eradicating food additives and other chemical additives from seeping into the body.

AMgenex DNA SWITCH ON is a high Antioxidant & Anti-aging Nutritional Supplement. A daily must-have premium formulation made with over 14 Super-fruits & Vegetables to improve our immunity and vitality

DNA Switch On is a breakthrough functional SUPERFOOD based on the science of Nutrigenomics and Epigenetic. Filled with many antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables such as the Broccoli sprout, Acai berries, Goji berries, Camu Camu, beetroot, pomegranate, mango, Luo Han Guo and Apple STEM Cell.

1 Sachet is equal to 7 bowls of fresh Fruits & Vegetables in ORAC value. DNA is rich in phytonutrients.

DNA Switch On when consume; Helps the body to "TRIGGER" to produce enough Anti-oxidants, over 200 different types of digestive enzymes for better digestion and cellular repair and rejuvenation. Harvested and processed using cell active technology, DNA Switch On uses ingredients that are especially freeze dried to keep the enzymes alive and maintain the potency of all these super fruits. Energized by the proprietary AMized Fusion Technology (AFT) process, DNA also increases our vitality and boosts the effectiveness of our body's defense.

Direction: 1 sachet mix in 100 ml of water and drink within 10 minutes before or together with breakfast or lunch.

A box contains 30 x 6gm sachets (Handy & practical)

AMGenex AMSole: High Mineral Concentrate 

AMsole is made from concentrated pure ancient Pink Himalayan crystal salt. Himalayan Crystal Salt is more than sodium and chloride. AMsole is made from pure crystalline salt in its original form: holistic, wholesome, unaltered, natural salt, as it has been crystallized in the earth over millions of years. Natural Himalayan crystal salt contains all the elements which the human body is comprised of. From the periodic table of elements, we are familiar with 84 natural elements (stable as well as unstable). Apart from inert gasses, all of these elements can be found in crystal salt. Hence, crystal salt contains all natural minerals and trace elements that are found in the human body.

AMsole can actually be viewed as food as the main ingredient: Himalayan Pink Crystal salt contains the 84 minerals, which includes macro minerals, like Calcium, Chloride, Iron,Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Sodium. Calcium is the most common mineral that plays a vital role in nerve and muscle health. In addition, it also contains trace minerals like Boron, Chromium, Copper, Fluoride, Iodine, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium, Zinc etc.


(  with AFT Quantum Healing Facilitator online training )

AFT Quantum Healing Kit is designed to help facilitate an effective, non-invasive natural healing and energizing therapy. The healing kit is ENERGIZED and programmed with healing vibratory messages by the latest Quantum Resonance Technology: AMized Fusion Technology (AFT) to resonate at Zero Point Field resonance, in other words: Universal Life Force Energy.

The AFT Quantum Healing Kit can be used by anyone with or without experience to facilitate, thus avoiding any negative influence or manipulations for both parties involved.

The AFT Quantum Healing Kit acts as a Life Force energy catalyst, boosting, cleansing, balancing, undoing mental & emotional disorders, and healing discomforts like fatigue, stress, and tiredness.