Dr. Adnan APM

Director & Dean at AFT Academy (www.afthealing.com)

AFT Quantum Energy Healing Master Consultant

 An Average Quantum Physics Researcher

Director of International Business Development, AMwell Technologies, Singapore (www.amwellinc.com)

Associate Director, AMwell Biotech India Pvt Ltd (www.amwelllife.in)

Quantum Doctor (Integrative and Natural Medicine, Quantum Medicine, Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Mind Body Medicine, )

Professional Speaker/Trainer, Energetic Wellness Master Trainer, and ENC Master Trainer, Writer of Health and Wellness Articles and Blogs and has made some Educational videos. Currently authoring a book on Quantum Medicine.

About Dr. Adnan APM

Dr. Adnan has been a great enthusiast of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Mind-body Medicine, and Holistic Healing modalities. His dream has been to gain training in a variety of alternative and complementary medicines. He advanced his studies by enrolling for a Doctorate Degree in Integrative and Natural Medicine. Adnan pursued his Ph.D. education in the prestigious and world-class university of the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine (IQUIM), USA. In this scholarly endeavor, he completed courses such as Quantum Homeopathy & Toxicology, New Quantum Medicine, Aromatherapy, Auriculotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Quantum Healthcare Management, Bio-feedback, Quantum Hematology, Heart Rate Variability, Quantum Hormonology, Taoist Medicine, and Neuroplasticity. After gaining scholarly knowledge in these courses, Adnan became a pioneer of unconventional medicine and now he has started writing a book on Quantum Medicine. He had years of experience with each field of the degree, as well as witnessed people recover with by integrative medicine.


Dr. Adnan APM was born and brought up in Kerala, South India. After completing a Masters in Economics and Public Finance from the University of Calicut in 1991, he moved to the Middle East and begun work in some reputed publishing houses such as Express Print Publishers LLC. At 40, the dream of leading a successful business led to an opening of beauty and health products businesses in the Middle East and the Far East. During the Asian financial crisis of 1998, Adnan suffered many business setbacks. The challenges were detrimental to his entrepreneurial ambitions and personal growth. Adnan had to work on his personal development on the belief that becoming the 'best person he can be' will naturally have a positive influence on his professional life, yielding professional and personal accomplishment.

He campaigned for natural medicine by providing training and consulting services on Holistic health and Quantum Medicine in medical centers in the Far East countries, Middle East, and India. He has been at the forefront conducting workshops on self-healing in renowned charity organizations around the world such as Kampung Senang, Singapore. In the last decade, he has conducted hundreds of public workshops and seminars in global arenas, including the Singapore Chamber of Commerce. He conducted free wellness screening sessions on Live Blood Analysis, Quantum bio-feedback, GDV, and other Holistic Wellness Screening programs. His supplementary online webinars help to disseminate Quantum Medicine knowledge while popularizing the Energetic wellness approach for self-care.

Dr. Adnan expanded his Holistic wellness journey by assuming the directorship role in the International Business Development of AMwell Technologies, Singapore. The organization is a world leader in Energetic Wellness specializing in manufacturing and distributing holistic healing tools and energized nutritional supplements. AMwell (formerly known as AMega Global) is the proprietary creator of AMized Fusion TechnologyTM using the principles of Quantum Mechanics and Fractal Science. It serves its clientele with wellness products in over 126 countries. AMwell has been an ideal platform for sharpening his holistic wellness expertise since the organization hires highly talented and passionate natural medicine doctors with an understanding of AMized Fusion TechnologyTM. Additionally, Adnan has gained valuable professionalism from the mentorship of Mr. Arun Kemer, the CEO of AMwell Technologies Group of Companies, USA, and Singapore. The guidance enabled Adnan to arrange workshops on energetic healing techniques with personal empowerment. This unique program of human potential development is the Energetic wellness programming and Energetic Neuro conditioning by the use of Zero Point Energy (ZPE) tools.

Dr. Adnan is also a student in Quantum Physics Research, majoring in quantum energetic studies. The course involves studying, researching, and working with top professionals in quantum medicine field. He's passionate about natural healing follows his motto: "No one should suffer from pain, as our body has an innate ability to heal by itself". His passion drove him to adopt the AMwell's Energetic wellness approach, becoming the co-founder of a dynamic of holistic healing: AFT Quantum Healing. Adnan is the current Director and Dean of AFT Online Academy, an offshoot of AMwell where passionate healers and doctors get trained and certified to become AFT Quantum Facilitators. AFT Academy is prestigious member of AHHA (American Holistic Health Association). 

In 2020, he increased his wellness promotion endeavors by co-founding AMwell BioTech India Pvt Ltd in 2020. The venture has become the Energetic wellness center supplying the Indian market with holistic healing tools and supplements. Dr. Adnan APM is an icon and advocate for holistic healing with exceptional leadership, entrepreneurial astuteness, enthusiasm, determination, creativity, and inspiration and a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners’ Certification and Accreditation Board)

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